4 Terrible B2B Marketing Trends You’ll Wish You Could Forget

When it comes to B2B marketing, most trends can and should be wholeheartedly embraced. However, there are some instances where the trends could do more harm than good. These B2B marketing trends have taken over the web and are being echoed by many different B2B companies, without realizing that they could be sabotaging their marketing efforts.

Is your business guilty of any of the following?

The Use of Jargon

Let’s look at this example, “Let’s circle back around to ensure that this synergistic combination is firmly in your wheelhouse.” You can just feel the eye-roll, right? Although catchy words and phrases like this might seem like they make your business look larger and more important, they’ve been so overused that seeing them now tends to elicit an audible groan from your readers.

Using jargon in your marketing may be a way to identify with your prospect in a way that says “I’m just like you” , but overusing it can do more harm than good, wherein it can feel fake and forced to the reader.

The New Normal

With the advent of COVID19 and the impact of the novel Coronavirus, the “new normal” has become, well, the “new normal”.  However, just like with the use of jargon, proclaiming everything as “the new normal” is as overkill.

The same concept can be applied to the phrase “is dead” as well. You’re not the first B2B marketer to declare “email is dead” , “social media is dead” and so on, every time a new innovation comes along.

Instead, you can keep people apprised of trends without needing to give it a certain name or draw attention to it by tying it to part of “the new normal” or announcing its death knell.

Putting All Your SEO on Google

This is a very common “trend” , especially by B2B companies that don’t invest much in SEO or only know the basics.  Google has evolved and advanced exponentially since its early days. Through the years, it has also become more and more cumbersome to rank well while making sure that you tick all of the boxes to maintain your site in Google’s good graces.

This is especially true every time Google updates its algorithm and site owners unwittingly become part of the rollercoaster until things settle down — until the next update. With Google’s perceived advances, it can be easy to just do the basics with your site’s optimization and then let Google figure the rest of it out.

Don’t do that. The best way to ensure complete optimization of your site is to go granular with Google, utilizing all of the tools it gives you, including Webmaster Tools, Search Console, Mobile Optimization, PageSpeed Insights and much more. Google gives you a plethora of options and tools that you can utilize to really optimize your site to the fullest.

Ignoring those tools and letting Google do the heavy lifting means your site will always be behind your competitors who do optimize regularly, from every angle. Take the time to not only optimize, but optimize the right way. Your site, the subsequent traffic and conversions will thank you!

Just Posting Content on Social Media

You already know that posting content on social media is a smart strategy for brand awareness, outreach, and possible client acquisition. But you can’t just simply post content on social media and let it sit there. It might generate some conversation on its own, but it’s up to you to get the discussion started and keep it going.

It’s very simple to fall into the trap of just posting content and letting it wither on the vine. Customer engagement doesn’t stop at you posting content on your social media. You want to reach clients, but at the same time, you also want to generate conversation, encourage questions, respond to said questions and much more.  Don’t hesitate to get people involved. Encourage your audience to comment, share and tag each other in response to the content that you post, rather than assume they’ll do it all on their own just by the magic of you posting an article or blog post and expect it to contribute to conversions.

Start Working with Strategies that are Truly Unforgettable!

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