4 Things Your Revenue Generation Strategy MUST Have In Order to Be Effective

So you’re looking to focus on revenue generation strategies, but at the same time, you’re not sure where to start. The good news is that you can break down your revenue generation plan into four succinct steps. Implementing each one of these steps will not only make your campaigns more effective, but they’ll help generate better results as well.


Get the Data

The first step is always getting the data. The more you know about your customers, the more you’re able to craft unique ads and campaigns that touch on the desires and pain points that are most important to them.

 When you have real-time data to work with, your analytics is able to pull out and identify patterns, and from there, you’ll be able to formulate a cohesive strategy.


Get Everyone on the Same Page

The second step is to make sure that everyone involved in the campaign, including sales, marketing, your web development and graphic design teams, are all on board and understand the process as well as their role in it. 

Rather than each group doing their work as a standalone silo, implementing revenue generation strategies is more unified and teams often work together, using the data they’ve gathered to extrapolate new ideas for the next stage of campaigns. With everyone on the same page, this becomes much easier! 


Understand the Process

In revenue generation, it’s important to understand and see the big picture, as well as the small steps that lead up to the result. When everyone is on the same page, as in the second step above, it becomes easier to understand the overall “flow” of the campaigns and what the ultimate result will be.

Because revenue generation strategies are so customer-centric, having the right kind of data also becomes even more important. A great deal of time will be spent creating demand, retargeting customers and setting up more personalized campaigns to deliver a more unique, customized result. 


Implement the Technology

Implementing the right technology is often a stumbling block for companies of all sizes, simply because their technology stack is usually a mix of old software that no one has really thought to update, or a bunch of web services that overlap. It’s important to cull the non-performing or superfluous software and make sure your tech stack is reliable and flexible. 

Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” technology that works for every team, all the time. However, the team at Workdom has often done tech stack audits to help marketing and sales teams trim their software and SaaS spending considerably without slowing down their marketing and product launches! 


Bonus Step: Rinse and Repeat!

Once you’ve got all of the pieces in place, it’s time to launch and learn from the results you’ve gotten. The best part about revenue generation marketing is that the more you do it, the better you get at it. The results you get from your campaigns are going to feed back into the data you’re collecting, giving you more refinement, a better idea of your target audience, and how to continue to attract and retain them as you move forward.

And before you launch your next campaign, make sure you reach out to the team at Workdom! Our unique revenue generation strategies and ideas are designed to help B2B and B2C companies leverage their best assets to create compelling campaigns that get results. Contact us today to learn more!


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