5 Ways to Improve Your Lead Nurturing Strategy in Healthtech

There’s no doubt that healthcare technology is playing catch-up when it comes to the technology part of what you have to offer. But although email marketing initiatives and lead generation and nurturing have been around awhile, the healthtech market as a whole is only starting to grasp the nuances that the B2C world has known for years.

It’s not your fault, of course. You had to learn on-the-fly as the pandemic caused the entire landscape to shift all around you. Decisions that may not have affected you before suddenly became a very real part of your work and your product or service development, and you had to adapt or be left behind.

Now, you’re having to wear a variety of marketing hats and get up to speed quickly on what’s really working. One of those areas of concentration should be email marketing, and with it, lead nurturing. 

But it’s easy to say “you need to nurture your leads” and not exactly meet you where you are currently. That’s why at Workdom, we’ve taken the five biggest challenges that healthtech marketers are facing and have helped to pave the way with proven solutions that drive opens, clicks and conversions. 


Problem: There are too many inactive leads in my email list

Solution: Nurture those leads – build brand awareness and trust! If you aren’t, we guarantee your competitors are, and you want to make sure your brand is the one in your prospects’ minds when it comes to what you have to offer. By maintaining that relationship over time, you’re using every message you send to deliver value and provide valuable information. That way, when it comes time to invest in your product or service, your leads already know who they’ll turn to – you! 


Problem: Our sales cycle is too long

Solution: This is often a particularly difficult challenge for B2B healthcare technology companies and those selling SaaS products. Think about ways that you could shorten that cycle and lead your customers toward making a decision with confidence by choosing your company sooner. Look for ways to make your content work harder for you so that you continue to share knowledge and keep them updated on new changes, studies, research and other findings that incorporate your product or service somehow. In short, keep them in the loop and enable them to make decisions with plenty of information on hand to back them up! 


Problem: I’m nurturing my leads but they’re not engaging with my content

Solution: By engagement, many marketers believe it’s more a matter of, “I emailed my list but they didn’t buy or set up a consultation.  In the marketing world, there’s also the common adage, “there is no such thing as ‘no’.” Generally speaking, if someone didn’t act, it could be for any number of reasons, but it’s usually because: 

  • You didn’t give them enough information in order to close the deal
  • They’re using a competitor’s product and they’re happy with it
  • They’re not really in the market for what you have to offer (yet)
  • They’re still in the decision-making or comparison phase of the sales funnel

All of your content can be engineered to meet these objections head on, thereby increasing engagement and conversions. 


Problem: I don’t know how to set up a lead nurturing program or measure it correctly

Solution: Every great initiative begins with setting goals. What kind of goals? These will differ for every company and campaign, but in short, you need to figure out things like the types of products or services you want to sell, who your target audience is and how many leads you need to generate in order to see a sale. Only then can you measure the impact of your email marketing campaigns and see whether or not you’re hitting the mark or if you need to course-correct. 


Problem: I don’t have the technology to support lead nurturing initiatives

Solution: Automating your email marketing is a fantastic way to not only boost your email marketing reach but ensure that the right people are getting your message at the right time. You can also use automation to add in personalization features, gauge performance using analytics and much more.

Fortunately, the experts at Workdom can help you take your content strategy further. With proven tactics designed exclusively for the healthcare technology marketing industry, we can help you grow and nurture your email marketing leads and reignite interest in what you have to offer. Contact us today ato learn more!


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