Healthtech Marketing to Millennials

Millennials were the first generation raised on technology. As such, their ability to evaluate and act on the information they receive is unlike any other generation before them. Healthtech companies who take the time to understand this generation also stand to benefit the most from their insights – and it’s important to do so now, rather than later.

In fact, by 2025, nearly 44% of the workforce will be made up of millennials. They’re increasingly the ones who are shaping and directing policy, including in both healthcare and technology, so attracting them and getting them to pay attention to what you have to offer requires a different set of skills than those you may have leveraged in the past. 


They Are Avid Consumers of Information

But not just any channels will do for disseminating that information. For example, print ads, billboards and TV ads are just noise to them. Millennials are voracious consumers of information through the channels (and the brands) that they trust. It’s not enough to simply blast information at them and hope some of it seeps through.

Instead, work on earning their trust through the methods outlined below. Make a special effort to develop a multi-pronged content strategy that incorporates not just useful information, but information shared in multiple formats such as reports, checklists, videos, reviews and much more and make sure that your brand voice and tone is consistent across every channel you use. If they can’t find out information about you or your company, they’ll have long since moved on rather than trying to unearth some nuggets here, there and elsewhere on the web. 


They Want Expert Recommendations and Peer Reviews

Millennials don’t shy away from reviews and particularly value those from their peers. Asking for recommendations from experts whose opinions they respect will go a long way. The traditional sales pitch doesn’t work here. Broad, overarching claims also do little to impress them. They want concrete facts, presented in an organized methodical way with plenty of proof to back them up.


Social Proof of Benefits is Important to Them

Millennials are engaged by stories that incorporate meaningful benefits. They are focused a great deal on the ideals of group success and the importance of teamwork, hence a mission that not only benefits people but society at large is valuable. If your healthcare technology company also operates a foundation or engages in charitable giving, highlight this as well in a way that is authentic and open. 


They Demand Authenticity and Transparency

Last but certainly not least, be authentic and transparent in everything you do. Communicate with clarity and sincerity and you’ll attract the interest of millennial decision-makers. Make their priorities a part of your own underlying company culture and watch as they become your biggest brand advocates. 

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