How to Write a Healthtech Case Study

The right case study is not only an excellent resource that demonstrates the potential of your healthtech product or service, but it can also be a powerful marketing tool. As one of the most popular types of content, case studies have the ability to showcase your product in a way that makes it easy for potential customers to take action.

But how do you write one in a way that’s compelling and easy to understand? We’ve got you covered with our free healthtech case study template. 


Start with the Title

Use the title to succinctly describe the issue or problem in a single sentence. For example, How Example Healthtech Cut Patient Wait Times By 300%


Follow Up with the Subtitle

The subtitle should elaborate on what your company did and what the results were.


Share Information About the Company

This is where you get to share your achievements and highlights of your brand. What are the things the company is most proud of having achieved? 


Talk About the Challenge

For the challenge section, you’ll want to go into detail about what, specifically, was the challenge. What pain points did your solution address or what was the issue that you solved? 


Elaborate on the Solution

How did the solution ultimately help the company or their customers? Share details on the solution and how it was implemented. 


Share the Results

Finally, share the results. This is a great opportunity to add in testimonials from the executives or project managers or a quote that references how your solution was uniquely positioned to help them see results. Go into detail on the difference that having the solution has made for the company and how they were able to overcome the problem. 

Overall, writing a case study can seem daunting, but with the collaboration of your content strategy and writing team, along with graphic designers and sales, you can create a high powered piece of content that continues to showcase your solution as the best fit for the users’ needs. 

Remember that in creating a case study, resist the urge to embellish it with a lot of marketing fanfare or sales hype. You want to present a story in such a way that customers can see their own pain points reflected in it, while positioning your solution as the best option. Also, keep in mind that there are many different types of case studies. If you were able to help them save time, money, effort or otherwise improve in some way, it could make a compelling case study.

And if you’re not sure where to begin with having your case study written, reach out to the experts at Workdom. Our knowledgeable, experienced content team can craft a compelling case study that directly positions your product or service as the best option for your ideal customers’ needs while portraying your solution in a way that consistently reinforces its quality. Contact us today to learn more about this and our many other content marketing and strategy services.

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