How Viral Videos Can Help Grow Your HealthTech Company

When you think of viral videos, you likely think of cute memes, funny dances or clever quotes. How could something like a healthtech company’s product or service go viral on social media? 

This week, we’re taking a deep dive into IESO Digital Health, a UK online therapy provider. In addition to being an online therapy service, part of IESO’s operation focuses on CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as overall mental health. 


Aligning with a Day that Shared their Values

The core of IESO’s campaign began with a promotion on October 10th or World Mental Health Day. The company behind IESO’s campaign chose this date in particular to help make people on social media more aware of the IESO’s online therapy services. 

Through a combination of powerful statistics as well as an overview of signs and symptoms of two of the most common mental illnesses, anxiety and depression, the campaign itself was centered around IESO’s slogan of “Psychological First Aid” and was designed to help people spot the signs in themselves, their friends, or their families, and seek out IESO’s services for support. 


Tracking Relevant Hashtags

Simply choosing a day that aligned with the values they wanted to promote and creating an attention-getting video wasn’t enough to go viral. Different, platform-native variations were created on both Facebook and Twitter and hashtags relevant to World Mental Health Day were also used and tracked by the campaign. 


The Results Speak for Themselves

As a result of this campaign, on World Mental Health Day and the week following, the video was shared to over 80,000 people and racked up over 38,000 unique views. The community as a whole reacted well to the presentation and the campaign as a whole generated very positive feedback. 

The end result helped individuals to shed some of the stigma surrounding coming forward and talking comfortably about mental illness, as well as seeking out help where necessary. When content that shares facts and relevant information is able to be shared among members on a day designed expressly for having that conversation, it opens up a wide range of opportunities for healthtech companies to gain traction, gain followers and gain greater brand visibility.

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