The Importance of Post-Sales Communication In HealthTech Marketing

With more and more healthtech companies embracing digital marketing, crafting more lead generation campaigns and putting more emphasis on product launches and other announcements on social media, the question becomes – are we front-loading our marketing efforts too much? 

Sure, it takes several interactions to convert a prospect into a customer, but a company that puts too much emphasis on marketing with little on follow-up is like a restaurant selling a sizzle without the steak. 

So what might post-purchase communication look like in the healthtech marketing world? Let’s take a look at a few examples of how to follow-up after the sale, what to follow up with, and how to know you’ve done it right. 


Target Audience: Key Decision Maker

Post-Sales Follow-Up: Check in on customer satisfaction with a relevant survey. How was the product or service received? Do they have any questions, concerns or need clarification? 

Post-Sales Product Recommendation:  Additional products or services that work in tandem with their recent purchase. No need to waste time looking for other products or services that would be complementary. 

Benefit to the Client: They’re able to make swift and relevant decisions which further empower directors and others to improve patient outcomes. 

Best Channels for Follow-Up: Email, virtual meetings

How to Tell if it Worked: Improved click-through rate, improved conversion rate, higher purchase volume


Target Audience: Clinician, Nurse or Healthcare Specialist

Post-Sales Follow-Up: Onboarding support and ongoing training to make the most of the purchase. 

Post-Sales Product Recommendation:  Paid consultations, virtual webinars, advanced training

Benefit to the Client: Able to more thoroughly understand and use the technology and recommend it to others. 

Best Channels for Follow-Up: Email, virtual meetings

How to Tell if it Worked: Training completion percentage, repeat purchases, repeat enrollment.


Target Audience: Purchasing Director

Post-Sales Follow-Up: Reports based on the number of patients/users enrolled, number of past-purchases, money saved.

Post-Sales Product Recommendation:  Additional questions that allow you, the healthtech company, to more easily refine your suggestions to the client to assist them in making better purchasing decisions. 

Benefit to the Client: They’re able to raise solid questions with their suppliers and superiors on the best course of action for improved outcomes.

Best Channels for Follow-Up: Email, virtual meetings, member portal

How to Tell if it Worked: Purchase volume, click through rate, conversion rate


Offering Considerable Added Value

When it comes to post-sales communication, being able to add in layers of value allows you to position your offer and make your clients look good as a result. Making their work easier, allowing them to deliver better care or make their own communication easier can go a long way toward not only getting the sale, but also getting increased business!

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