Can Demand Generation Still Work in the B2B Marketing World

In the early days of big data, B2B companies were on top of the world. They started leveraging demographic data to send out personalized emails and curated recommendations.

And it worked. 

However, like all marketing strategies, big data, and the many ways to slice, carve and mold it soon became indispensable to the B2B world. Now, suddenly, it wasn’t just you that was sending personalized emails and tailored information to distinct demographics, but all of your competitors were soon doing it too.

That meant the race was on to outmaneuver the competition and become more entwined with the data, more involved with the customer experience and always one step ahead of everyone else. 

The Real Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

For B2B marketers, the big prize — the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, is making sure that enough demand is generated at every stage of the user’s journey — not just at the beginning of before they take the plunge and hit that order  button. So how do you do it? 

Demand Generation in the Awareness Stage

The awareness stage is the point at which customers don’t even realize they have a problem that your business can solve. They’re just starting to become aware of it which means that you can use big data to find out what kind of questions they’re asking, and help them move to the consideration stage. 

Demand Generation in the Consideration Stage

Demand generation in the consideration stage means going further than just throwing up their link when a prospect has a question. It means providing the user asking the question with a free demo or one-on-one consultation to learn more about their problem, and most importantly, the solutions that the B2B company has to fix it.  

Anything that you can do to help nudge the user in the direction of viewing your content over your competitors is a win — that means investing in great content of all varieties. Not just blog posts, but also white papers, checklists, charts and much more. 

Demand Generation in the Acquisition Stage

This is the part where most lead generation efforts would throw their money. Get the prospect right as they’re about to move from consideration to acquisition. Sadly, all too often what happens is that there’s a glut of information at this point — but most prospects will ignore it in favor of the company that helped them all along. 

At this point in the demand generation strategy, the customer has learned that they have an issue, and they’re considering your product or service to solve it. Now you have to get them to take the next step by ensuring that they’re making the right decision — a decision made with confidence and plenty of solid information. That means case studies, testimonials, statistics and more that bolster your offer so that the competition, even with their pervasive use of big data, can’t match your efforts thus far. 

Demand Generation to Maintain Retention and Loyalty

Once you’ve got the customer to buy into your offer, are you finished?  Not at all! Now you have to continue stoking that demand, like a fire that smolders. This means following up with them to see if they have any questions, but also to ask how they’re going with the service, and provide them with tips, advice and even onboarding or training if it is particularly complex. 

From this point on you can judge where they are in the process to determine if there are other relevant services or add-ons that might benefit them. As every B2B company and industry is different, it doesn’t hurt to try out different approaches and test what works best for you.

So as you can see, demand generation definitely still works in B2B, even though there are far more companies now on the playing field vying for the attention of prospects. If you’re having trouble creating demand for your products and services in a B2B market, why not reach out to us here at Workdom and talk to our senior advertising professionals about a strategy that’s customized to your specific needs? 

We can help device tactics that position your products or services as the best option for your B2B consumers and advise you on the best strategies at each stage of the customer buying journey so that your users get the full spectrum of attentiveness and assistance that they can come to rely on from your brand.


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