Do You Know These Crucial Conversion Rate Numbers?

There’s a lot of talk in marketing about optimizing your conversion rate. But the truth is, your conversion rate isn’t just one number — it’s several of them. And if you’re only looking at one area of your site, you’re doing a disservice to the other parts that could be contributing to your conversion rate.

So what are the key areas you could be missing? Let’s take a closer look:

Viewed Content

Knowing how many visitors are reading your content is an important number. Not only will it tell if your content is contributing to your conversion rate, but it can also tell you which content in particular is doing the best. Content that’s only viewed for a few seconds before the user leaves can also affect your Google ranking as well.

When Google notices people viewing your content and then proceeds to leaving your pages, it processes that data to mean that your content isn’t relevant, and thus, your ranking can decrease. Of course, this is just one of the many factors that Google looks at as part of its algorithm, but conversely, the more your content is viewed, the more relevant Google thinks your pages are, and thus your ranking can increase.

Add to Cart

This conversion number can tell you how many users found your products compelling enough to want to add them to their cart. Of course, just because they don’t checkout completely doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to revise your whole e-commerce strategy. Some people tend to use shopping carts like wishlists, and store items in there to buy later.

In these cases, what you can do is send them abandoned cart reminders, letting them know that stocks are running low, or that they can apply a limited-time discount to save on the items they’re thinking of buying.


Normally, when users encounter a problem at checkout, they’ll either abandon the cart or try to get help. The number of users who successfully checkout from your site shows not only that your site is converting well and that there are no technical hiccups, but it also shows that what you have to offer is relevant and valuable to your audience.

Low numbers when looking at your checkout may mean technical issues, or they could point to other conversion problems, such as a shipping price that’s higher than anticipated. Scrutinize the process as if you were a customer, and don’t forget to test in multiple devices and browsers to make sure there’s not a disconnect, for example, between mobile and desktop users.

Thank You for Ordering

This is often the standard by which all conversion numbers are measured. It’s also often the ultimate conversion. A successful order is what all businesses want — and lots of them! But even if your customers have made it through to order completion, your job still isn’t done! Now there’s the possibility to upsell, remarket and otherwise continue to build loyalty and brand recognition.

As you can see, there is no “one size fits all” solution to improve your conversion rate number. Instead, by looking at each of these numbers individually, you can highlight any potential bottlenecks or problems before they get worse, and you can make the changes you need that will ensure a steady flow of converting customers!

If you need help figuring it all out or want some proven tips from on-demand marketers, why not reach out to us at Workdom? We specialize in providing hands-on, customized marketing services when you need them most, so you can grow those conversion numbers faster than ever!


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