Does SEO Still Work in 2022?

If you’re wondering whether or not you should continue to optimize your site for the search engines in 2022, the answer is a resounding YES! However, as technology advances and both web pages and search engines become smarter, the things you can do to further optimize your pages become more technical, as we’ll see in the tips below.

However, all of the trends and optimizations we mention are completely do-able and make for a much better user experience, so you’ll definitely want to implement them if you haven’t already! 

Core Web Vitals and PageInsights

Core Web Vitals and PageInsights are Google’s ways of helping to make web pages a more fast-loading, enjoyable-to-browse experience across devices. When a page loads, the last thing you want is to try to navigate it while discovering that the layout is shifting all over the place as different elements load.

On top of that, issues like slow page loading speed cause over 98% of sites to fail the Core Web Vitals test when Google first rolled it out. Since then, many sites have gotten their acts together and started improving the overall experience. 

Plus, it’s believed that these standards will have a ripple-effect on large content management and e-commerce sites used by large and small businesses alike, such as WordPress and Shopify, forcing overall improvements as a whole.

Better Keyword Research with Clustering

Another important facet of SEO for 2022 includes keyword clustering, where keywords (or better, phrases) that share a common thread can be used together to increase your ranking for those terms. As a result, terms like “black t-shirt”, “women’s black tee” and “black short sleeve shirt womens” are all searches around a common product, even if the search terms aren’t exactly alike.

Clustering your keywords together like these can result in your pages showing at the top of dozens, if not hundreds, of search results, so you’ll definitely want to level up your strategy for 2022!

Improved Use of AI and Rich Snippets

In 2022, SEO leverages a wide range of tools beyond just keyword research. This includes writing AI assistants, rich snippet plugins and more. Google particularly likes rich snippets, as they provide a more cohesive view of a product without ever taking the user off of Google itself.

At a glance, the user can see details such as reviews, product pricing, store hours and much more, and those marketers who have already implemented these features are far ahead of those who haven’t.

In addition, although AI writing assistants won’t take the place of human copywriters anytime soon, they can still be an excellent resource to brainstorm potential topics and guides based on what people are searching for.

Don’t Forget the Basics

Although we’ve spent a lot of this post talking about the latest technologies like Core Web Vitals and AI writers, you don’t want to forget the basics of SEO either. Sometimes even the old tried-and-true optimization tips like great content, clear headings, responsive design and backlinks can do wonders for a site’s ranking. 

Don’t neglect them! 

Maximize Your SEO Strategy in 2022

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