Does Your Marketing Agency Really Understand Your Business? Here’s How to Tell

You have a lot of options when it comes to hiring a marketing agency. But although you may choose to work with experts in social media, video marketing, copywriting or any other number of marketing initiatives, there’s one crucial point that’s often overlooked — and the repercussions of which aren’t felt until you see the end result first-hand, and it’s not what you had hoped for.

That’s not to say that most marketing agencies aren’t good at what they do. They may have experts who are proficient in social media ads, in getting subscribers, or writing copy that converts. But there can often be a disconnect between what they learn about your business and how they implement your marketing initiatives.  Here’s how to tell if the agency truly understands your business and can craft campaigns that match your objectives:

They’re Highly Invested in Improving Your Customer Experience

These days, customer experience is often the dividing factor between you and your competition. How aware are your customers of what you have to offer? How satisfied are they with the experience that they had with your company?  Is there anything that would make them stop doing business with you? How can you connect with them on a more personable level?

Marketers who understand these questions and seek the answers are keenly aware of the impact that the customer experience has on your bottom line — and they want to help you grow it.

They Understand the Importance of Brand Synergy

Your brand probably means many things to you, but do your customers know that? How do they see your brand? Is it trustworthy? Is what you have to say and how you choose to market yourself a way that customers would expect? Would they recommend you to others? Brand synergy is something that’s easy to talk about but can be difficult to implement depending on your products, services and target audience.

A smart marketing agency understands how to develop and refine this synergy so that it’s instantly recognizable and valued by the end user.

They Know How You’re Different from Your Competition

Along with the need to cultivate brand synergy comes the need to stand out from the competition. When every brand emphasizes things like quality, low price or customer service, it can be hard to grab the largest share of the customer pie. Good marketing agencies rise to the challenge and look for strong, key differentiating factors that set you apart (and make it hard for your competitors to copy!)

They Have a Strong Grasp on Your Website Analytics

The details are in the data, and smart marketing agencies know how to read your website analytics and react accordingly. Changes in search algorithms, seasonality, trends and other things can all impact how much (or how little) traffic you get, as well as the reactions of users on your site. Good marketing agencies can read these signs and take appropriate action to help maintain higher levels of traffic while making sure every visit counts.

They are Aware of All of the Different Touch-Points Customers Have When Interacting With Your Business

Many businesses have lots of different channels that customers can use to learn more about them. Some customers’ first impression of a company comes through social media. Others find out about them through an online search. However your customers find you, a good marketing agency will be aware of these touch-points and ensure that they all have a unified voice, theme and style that is uniquely your own.

In cases like these, consistency and relevancy are key, and smart marketers know that these cannot be easily duplicated or copied by competitors.

They Understand that Optimization is an Ongoing Process

Although you can work with a marketing company to optimize your website, optimization is not a “once and done” thing. It’s an ongoing process of testing, analyzing and refining results. Even if you’re getting good results from your marketing, you probably wonder how you could get even better results — and your marketing company is your ally in helping to make this possible. Good optimization is ongoing, and can yield consistently good results when done right.

They’re Ready to Help You Take the Next Step with Confidence

Perhaps most importantly is the fact that it can seem overwhelming to tackle something as large as “marketing” by yourself. Whether you’re one person or a team, having knowledgeable marketing partners on your side can help simplify the process. If you’re ready to learn more about how Workdom’s on-demand marketing can help you excel, reach out to us today and put our marketing agency to work helping your business thrive!


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