How COVID-19 Has Forced Businesses to Radically Rethink Their Marketing

Online and offline, COVID has radically changed the way we work, live, and play. As different countries struggle to contain the growing pandemic and gradually help businesses reopen their doors and stay afloat, businesses, too, are looking for ways to weather the storm.

But as a business owner, the myriad ways that COVID-19 has forced you to rethink your operations are limitless. Many articles, proposals and news pieces have been written on how COVID has affected the business world. But what about your marketing?

Changes to the Overall Marketing Landscape

The biggest changes, as you’re already aware, are the various quarantine orders. With businesses closed and few people on the roads, there’s no one to view billboards or ads, much less come in and have services handled like haircuts.

That means marketers have had to focus almost entirely on the internet — creating online courses, how-to videos and more to help their customers until such orders are lifted. With so many businesses competing for the attention of so many users, the online ad marketplace has become rather crowded, so having ads that stand out and get noticed is paramount.

Field Notes from Brands that are Weathering the Storm

Fortunately, most companies have been able to spearhead these changes with some fantastic initiatives. For example, KFC has been helping kids that are out of school by providing supplies as well as donations of chicken to help hungry residents. Other companies are donating food, money and resources to hospitals and their local communities. In other words, they’re truly living their brand messaging.

Brands that are truly living their values and who have stepped up to the plate during this unprecedented time of change are going to be those that people remember most after all of this is over. Chances are, you can even think of some in your local area who are going above and beyond.

How to Reposition Your Brand in a Post-COVID World

Nearly any brand can reposition themselves to take advantage of a post COVID marketplace. The key to doing this right is to remember what your values are, and brainstorm ways to bring those to the forefront while including your product in a way that isn’t pushy or sales-y. Now, more than ever, people are looking for authentic, personalized experiences. They want to connect with others, even if it’s only through a screen. This, in turn, helps make the process feel more real and direct. Brands which exemplify what it is to be human know this, and are taking steps to embrace it wholeheartedly in the wake of this pandemic.

If you’re struggling to come up with ways to set your own brand apart, reach out to us here at Workdom today. Let’s work together to help centralize your brand messaging around the values that are important to you, and then share those with your most important users and customers in a way that’s real and heartfelt.


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