How “Done For You” Marketing Can Help You Survive the Holiday Rush

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a different year than most, and with it comes a much different holiday season than any of us could have predicted. However, the one silver lining on this cloud has been that e-commerce has taken off like never before. With so many people understandably staying indoors, many e-commerce companies are struggling to stay on top of incoming orders while continuing to build and grow their business well into the fast approaching new year.

So, if you’re short of growing a few extra sets of arms to help you juggle it all? What can you do?

That’s where “Done for You” Marketing can help.

What Can “Done for You Marketing” Actually Do?

For small businesses, relying on done for you marketing means having the support you need, when and where you need it. This saves you time on having to train additional staff on the ins and outs of marketing your business.

Whether you need changes to your website, to updating real-time inventory or you want to get started buying targeted advertising, and there’s so much misinformation out there you’re not even confident on where to start, “done for you marketing” can help by simplifying the process to aid you in focusing on the matters that you want to focus more on.

Where Can On-Demand Marketing Help Me?

By leveraging marketing on demand, you’re able to free up much more of your time. This means you can fulfill more orders (including those from last-minute shoppers!) while your on-demand marketing team takes care of other aspects of growing your business.

Here are just a few of the most common ways we’ve helped small businesses successfully navigate the holiday rush:

Website Design and Optimization

Your website is so much more than just an online business card. It’s where impressions are formed and potential sales can be made. That means you have to do much more than just put your best digital foot forward. Your website and every step a customer takes within it have to be optimized and designed to nurture and grow conversions.

Our expert marketing team can not only thoroughly analyze your website, but also make concrete suggestions that will significantly improve your conversion rate of visitors to customers as well as help increase your average order value so that you not only get more orders, but more people ordering more products in more quantities.

Sales Enablement Support

During the holiday rush, your sales team is likely to feel the pinch. You know they’re working as hard as they can, but you’re not quite sure how to support them. Enter Workdom’s sales enablement support.

Having the right content at the right time to help answer questions, address concerns and close more sales can be the difference between boosting your revenues and leaving money on the table, and that’s definitely something you’ll want to keep in mind before, during and after the holiday season!

List Building and Email Optimization

Don’t let your list wither over the holidays! There’s no better time to send out great offers and sales announcements – but HOW you do it is just as important as WHEN you do it. Remember, you’re not the only marketer out there, and getting people to take action on your emails means you’ll need to have a properly cleaned, efficient and optimized email list, along with high deliverability of your messages.

Relying on our done for you marketing services to help in this regard can keep your list happy and eager to keep receiving your emails, as well as ensure that every email that goes up, ends up in the hands of someone who is looking forward to receiving it and acting on it!

Paid Advertising and Social Media

Social media is incredibly active over the holidays as people look for everything from gift ideas, to recommendations, to showing off photos and more. Done for you marketing can help ensure that your social media posts are on-target and on brand while exemplifying your products as the perfect choice for the holidays and beyond.

In addition, paid advertising can help enrich your social media ads (and vice versa) by bridging the gap between those users who are “just looking” and those who are committed to take action and buy.

If you’re ready to get a helping hand for the holiday rush and you want to learn how to make on-demand, done-for-you marketing work for you, reach out to our senior advertising professionals at Workdom today. Our knowledge, combined with our experience and our unique understanding of your brand, your voice and your audience will help your marketing come together like never before.


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