How to Build an NFT Community in Your Niche

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are still in their infancy, but the NFT community has moved beyond proof of concept and is stretching out into different communities and areas: creating a solid foundation of happy collectors and a thriving community in the process.

But how can marketers leverage NFTs to create their community? And what exactly is a crypto community? Let’s take a closer look.

A crypto community isn’t necessarily a community that’s all about cryptocurrencies. It’s more-so a group of thought leaders, investors, enthusiasts, and fans of blockchain technology in all its forms and functions. These fans are commonly found on a wide range of social media and websites, including Twitter, Discord, Reddit and specific forums.

From this comes the NFT community – people that are actively trading, buying, selling and collecting Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs. There are communities specially formed to engage in the buying, selling and flipping of NFTs in the form of art, music and much more.

So how do you go about creating your own for your specific niche, fandom or following?

Creating Your Own NFT Community

The best way to sell NFTs within your niche is a similar process to any other type of product launch. You want to build hype and excitement, but you also want to deliver value. There’s a lot of buzz and also a lot of noise so you have to stand out, just like in any other type of marketing campaign.

Know Your Audience Well

Depending on your audience, they may want and expect different things from you. What sort of things do they find valuable? NFT marketplaces like thrive because they have a strong community of passionate collectors behind them.

Furthermore, the works that are bought, sold and collected there are carefully curated, so people trust them for quality and for having done their research. That gives them greater credibility and generates trust and loyalty within their respective audiences.

Create a Community in Discord or a Facebook Group

Your NFT community can’t exist without people who believe in and support your idea. You can find them on a variety of platforms, including Discord, Telegram, Twitter and Reddit to name a few. As with any form of marketing, it pays to go where the people are!

Discord has shifted from a communications app purely for gamers, to attracting many crypto aficionados and NFT collectors of all kinds. Facebook Groups related to collectible NFTs are also gaining attention, so it pays to create your own Discord Community or Facebook group if you’re looking to launch your own NFT.

Go Beyond the Buzz

Don’t forget that it’s not enough to just generate buzz and get people excited. It’s important to create that hype in order to get your NFT community off the ground, but you also have to keep your followers informed and involved. Keep adding to your project, keep sending out tidbits showing progress and get buy-in.

It’s important to be transparent and trustworthy. You need to demonstrate that authenticity first and foremost, because there’s a lot of competition out there, and standing apart, getting noticed and being trusted are some of the biggest challenges that NFT community marketers face.

The biggest and most important facet of your promotion should be to keep your expectations realistic at every step of the way. You may be starting out small, but with the right guidance and support, you’ll have a clear and actionable path ahead.

Work with a Company that Knows Crypto Marketing

At Workdom, we not only know the ABCs of NFTs but also how to make your NFT offering stand out, get attention and get acted on. We work with a variety of knowledgeable experts in the world of crypto to help you market your product, service, NFT or other collectible with confidence.

Contact us today to learn more about our crypto marketing services and find out how we can help you level-up your marketing by creating a community for your crypto assets.


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