How to Deliver an Exceptional Customer Service Experience

No matter what type of small business you run, you know that the core of what will attract customers and bring them back is your customer service. But with more and more companies turning to automation for everything from product fulfillment to support, how can your company stand out and really ensure that your customer service gets noticed and talked about?

It’s interesting to note that poor customer service will get your business shared (and not in a good way!) more readily than great customer service, but great customer service stands the test of time — especially when it is done consistently. In short, you’re teaching your customers to expect exceptionality, and that puts your business well ahead of those automated, self-service brands that only look at their customers in terms of dollar signs.

With that being said, here’s how to create a memorable customer service experience for each and every customer, no matter what you’re selling.

Know Your Product (Like No One Else!)

The fact is that no one knows your product as well as you do. And that’s leverage that you can definitely put to work for your business. When you know your product inside and out, including not just its features but how it works and what’s inside, you’re able to troubleshoot problems more effectively and help your customers reach a satisfactory conclusion before they start wandering deep into your website looking for your customer support number.

But simply knowing your product or service well isn’t enough. It can form the base of your customer service operations, but the real exemplary experience is when you:

Look for Ways to Anticipate Problems

Knowing your product inside and out also means that you can learn to anticipate the most common questions, concerns, and issues that people tend to have with it. When you can anticipate problems, you can take steps to help customers and prospects resolve them. No matter the channel that you use to see this through to completion, customers will always appreciate not having to wait forever to get a solution and will appreciate that an actual person took the time to help them rather than forcing them to fend for themselves.

With that being said, however, it’s never a bad idea, particularly if you have a technical or complex product or service, to consider setting up a knowledge base so that customers who want additional steps to follow or a video walkthrough can have access to that should they wish to solve the problem themselves. In business, it’s all about being flexible and adaptable to serve the user’s needs — making it even more important to be attentive to anticipating them!

Respond Quickly (Even if It’s Just to Say Their Message Was Received!)

We get it, whether you’re one person or a small team, it’s entirely possible that the number of support and customer service messages you receive far outweighs the time you have to answer them all. However, oftentimes customers will send a support ticket, an email or even a call and find that their request goes straight to voicemail hell or never gets a reply.

Even a short message to say “We got your request and we’re working hard to answer it as quickly as possible” can help give the customer a sense that their concern or problem truly matters and that your team is concentrating all their efforts on resolving it. As much as we’d all like an instantaneous solution, sometimes that’s just not possible — but it is possible to let your customers know quickly that you’re working on it, and they’ll appreciate it every time.

Listen More than You Speak

When offering support over the phone, it’s easy to want to jump right to the solution — but it’s better to fully listen to the customer explain the issue just so that you don’t miss some critical part of the problem. Listen to them explain it entirely, ask questions if necessary, but take the time to listen. This assures them that you’re taking the time to wholly understand their concern or problem so that you can more fully seek out an answer or a solution.

A small tip, maybe, but one that is often all-too-forgotten in our rush to answer tickets or support calls quickly and move onto the next one.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed even if you’re fully committed to delivering the very best customer experience. When that happens, don’t hesitate to reach out for help! At Workdom, we help support your customer service efforts by implementing proven, workable strategies that make significant and measurable impacts, not only in your ability to offer solutions, but in how you offer them.

From customer sales enablement and content creation to helping you more efficiently manage your tech stack, our knowledgeable marketing experts can help you deliver the kind of customer experience that your customers can’t get enough of! Contact us today to learn how our on-demand marketing services can help you take your customer support to the next level!


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