How to Dominate Your Market with Paid Advertising

The days of easy, free, targeted traffic to your site are long gone, and the same goes for social media. Now, more than ever, Google and Facebook are moving organic listings and publications below those lucrative paid ads. So businesses have learned that they need to pay to play. But how can you maximize your investment in paid advertising and make it work for you? Here are five key strategies that have worked well for us and our clients.

Improve Your Quality Score/Relevancy Score

The most important thing you can do right out of the gate with paid advertising is to take steps to improve what’s called your quality score in Google, and your relevancy score in Facebook. It works like this:

If a lot of people engage with your post — they click on it, leave comments, tag others and so on, Facebook recognizes that this ad has a high level of engagement. The process works similarly on Google even though the name is different. More engagement tells them that the ad is relevant to the audience, and that’s precisely what they want more of, so your ad gets shown more and at a lower cost per engagement. In short, everyone wins.

But it’s one thing to say “increase engagement” without really telling you how. This brings us to our next point:

Optimize for Engagement

It’s really easy to get caught in the money trap of sending your ads out to ALL THE FANS in the hopes that some of that brand awareness will stick, but our goal here is to be relevant and targeted.

You can, and should target your ads to customers not just based on, for example, the fact that they’re fans of the keto diet or trendy socks, but also other, related items that probably resonate with them as well, such as following intermittent fasting or being a shoe aficionado respectively. Fortunately, you can tailor your ad engagement to include and exclude a great deal of factors, which lets you narrow down the ads to a more precise audience that is more likely to act and engage with your ads.

And remember, more engagement means less cost and more exposure!

Don’t Forget the Power of Remarketing

Oftentimes, companies large and small spend so much effort and money setting up their initial ads that they forget all about remarketing. When used with Google and Facebook in particular, this can be an invaluable way to not only amplify your marketing message, but also to remind users about your brand, the products they’ve looked at, any special deals and discounts happening now and much more, even if they aren’t currently on your site.

Optimize Your Landing Pages

Just like with remarketing, a great deal of work goes into creating the perfect ads, but landing pages often look like they’ve been thrown together at the last minute. As a result there’s often a disconnect and unnecessary friction created between the moment a user clicks on your ad and goes to the landing page to learn more.

Devote as much time to your landing pages (if not more) and ensure that not only is there a seamless flow technology-wise from your ad to your landing pages, but also that the copy resonates with your readers and reflects the promises or other details made in the ad. For example, if your ad promises free shipping, the last thing users want to see when they click your landing page is a pop up asking for their postal code to calculate shipping.

Small things like this are enough to tickle your visitors’ itchy back button finger, and they’ll be gone in seconds. Make sure that your landing pages follow through on your promises! In addition, don’t forget to keep consistency in mind with regard to the design of your ads and the flow through to your landing page. That kind of consistency creates familiarity with your brand and over time, creates comfort and reliability in the user’s mind.

Don’t Hesitate to Call in the Professionals

Running one successful paid ad campaign can be a lot to juggle, let alone several. There are so many points to keep in mind and so many bases you’ll want to have covered that no one would blame you for reaching out to work with a knowledgeable marketing team to help you get it done right.

That’s precisely why Workdom is here! Our on-demand marketing services are perfect for ad campaigns of all types, both large and small. Whether you want to improve your Google quality score, you want to reach a dedicated audience on Facebook or you simply want to make sure your ad campaigns are built to excel right from the start, our senior advertising professionals to help you when and where you need it.

Contact us today to learn more about how our paid advertising services can help you increase your ROI and conversion rate while attracting and retaining more of your ideal target audience!


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