How To Use Email Marketing to Increase Sales

If you’re just starting out in the world of email marketing, you’re in luck! It has never been easier to use one of the oldest marketing methods on the internet to drum up more sales, even today. Here are our top tips for those just getting started with email marketing.

Treat Your List Like Gold

Without your list, your need to market to them via email wouldn’t exist. That’s why it’s so important to treat your list like gold. Grow it, nurture it, find the right balance of contact without being too insistent. Subscribers will come and go, but staying true to your core message and remembering your goals for building your mailing list is paramount to getting the most out of it.

Check Your Message Layout on As Many Devices as Possible

Many email service providers allow you to test your emails on different devices, including on mobile phones, before you send them. It can make the difference between reaching and engaging your customers in a way that’s convenient and easy for them to read, and sending them a messy jumble of images and text.

Your Subject Line is Your Headline

Just like any good sales letter has a headline, your subject line is like the headline of your email, and you’ll need to make it count. Don’t trick users into clicking on your messages. Instead, think about the kind of subject line you’d want to read if you were in their position. Make your subject line pique their curiosity, entertain them, or provide value right away while including some sense of urgency.

For example, subjects like “Get 20% off all courses now – offer ends September 8th” are clear, to-the-point and explain with a sense of urgency, while more curiosity-inducing subject lines could be something like, “Which of these courses could help you earn more in your job?” We don’t know, but the possibility of earning more entices us to want to click.

Put an Actual Person Behind Your Messages (Both Sending and Receiving)

There’s nothing that your readers hate more than reading an email, having a question, but having to go through countless hoops to actually reach someone. Having that all-too-familiar “no-reply@” in your emails also tells them, “we don’t really want to hear from you”. Have someone designated as the reply-to and send-to person for emails. People want to know that they can simply reply to an email and reach an actual person — not another automated system. Plus, adding a name and having a mailbox as a sort of catch-all for these kinds of messages makes the whole process of sending marketing emails feel more human, approachable and comfortable to your prospect.

Always Offer Something of Value

Every email should have a goal, but that goal shouldn’t always be to sell something. Get to know your prospects with things like surveys, contests, Q & A groups or Facebook Live groups and much more. Look at every email as an opportunity to ask, “what can I do with this message that will deliver value to my readers?

Not only will this help you build more rapport with them over time, but it will also keep them eagerly expecting your next message and the consequent value it provides. Consistently doing this over time helps build greater customer and brand loyalty. People will come to know and associate your brand with quality through the emails that you send.

In addition, with a few tweaks to how your mailing list is set up, you may even be able to allow your subscribers to adjust their preferences. So if they only want sales notifications on certain items, or only want the latest news, for example, they can change their settings in their account to receive only those things. This helps you keep more subscribers as well as making sure they’re happy with what they receive!

Test, Track and Repeat!

Finally, don’t forget to test, track and repeat. Your email addresses aren’t sent into a vacuum. You want to analyze their performance. How many were opened? How many were clicked on? What can you do to increase those numbers? Email providers that allow you to split test can help you understand how one subject line, email design, and other aspects of your message perform against each other.

Use this to your advantage to see how your message resonates with your target audience! And if you run into problems, have questions or need guidance on getting started with email marketing, why not reach out to our senior executives at Workdom? We can work with you to develop a concrete email marketing strategy even if you’re starting from scratch. With our on-demand marketing services, there’s simply no better way to start reaping the rewards and the profits that email marketing can bring.


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