Lights, Camera, Action: Real Estate Photography 101

Becoming a real estate mogul doesn’t have to include a lot of hefty up-front costs. If you have some creativity and want to save some money instead of spending thousands on expensive real estate photographers, taking photos yourself is a fun and cost-saving use of your time and skills.

Here are a few tips for taking real estate photos on your own.

Invest in a quality camera body and a wide angle lens

A wide angle photo makes rooms appear larger than they are, an enticing way to attract potential buyers. Having a camera with a wide angle lens on hand means you can grab photos at a moment’s notice. You’re also creating marketing images to post on your website or blog.

There are a few expenses up front, but one thing to know right from the start is that there’s no need to spend top dollar on a decent camera body. In fact, you can even buy a used body from a reputable source and save even more.

Spend your money on that nice wide angle lens instead. The camera body and lens combined can retail for about the same cost as what a real estate photographer would charge for a few hours’ worth of work. Investing in the equipment yourself is a one-time cost that will have an immense ROI.

Let in the light

Maximizing natural light will make the house look bright and inviting. If you’re unable to shoot on a sunny day, you’ll need to supplement the existing light by bringing in lighting to assist. Suppliers can typically rent this kind of equipment by the hour or by the day.

You may also want to invest in a tripod so you can ensure the picture is crystal clear. No matter how steady you think you’re holding the camera, the image can still look blurry when there is less light.

There are some instances where photographing at night is to your advantage. Let’s say a home has an outdoor pool that is dramatically lit at night and looks even more amazing than during the day. This would be a feature that you’d want to show prospective buyers online.

The editing process

Even if you didn’t capture the perfect image, editing can do wonders to an image, especially when it comes to bumping up the light and making things look more sharp and crisp. And you don’t need to invest in expensive software to achieve this, either. Many free photo editing programs are available online or through your the software that came with your computer. These programs tend to be very user friendly, as they’re designed for people who aren’t professional editors.

The right light and the right lens can do wonders for the properties you’re selling, not to mention augment your own online presence. If you can’t afford the upfront investment of a professional photographer right away, there’s nothing wrong with trying it yourself.

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