Marketing Biotech Services in a B2B World

Biotech companies have recently sprung back into the spotlight as a potential channel for the development of a Coronavirus vaccine. But whether you conduct biotech research, develop products or are otherwise involved in the life science industry, marketing your services can feel like an uphill battle. What are the best ways to market biotech services in a B2B world? How can you make your products and services stand out?

As a company with years of experience helping biotech companies reach larger, more engaged audiences, we at Workdom understand that the best ways to market biotech services to a B2B audience comes with a combination of traditional and digital marketing methods.

While core traditional marketing channels like television ads and trade shows still do a great deal to help spread the word about your products and services, this can be further amplified online with the right team on-hand to provide you with on-demand marketing services. Developing your digital marketing strategy should therefore start with the following:

Create Your B2B Marketing Persona

Your brand persona is a detailed combination of demographics and psychographics about your target audience. This persona can be similar to an actual person — with a name, age, gender, socioeconomic status and so on. Filling out these details on what essentially amounts to an “imaginary person” makes it easier for you to understand the impact (if any) that your advertising has on them.

Probably the most crucial life science-oriented question you can ask this persona is “what are they struggling with” in regards to ways your product or service can help? Look at the full picture: their goals and aspirations, their routines, their media consumption habits. How can your product or service help them?

Remember, you’re not just marketing to a single person, but rather a persona that encompasses the entire business you’re hoping to attract. It’s a much different approach than targeting consumers. Nevertheless, many of the same steps apply whether it’s B2C or B2B, but B2B companies are more focused on things like the system, the convenience and of course, the results.

Build Up Brand Awareness

Everyone has heard of Proctor & Gamble or Johnson & Johnson. These companies have become household names precisely because of their branding. However, they also have decades and decades of brand experience which has shifted through the years. The Proctor & Gamble of the 1840s would scarcely be recognizable to us today (notwithstanding their branding shift towards just their initials P&G).

Biotech companies are understandably cautious when looking at digital channels and in particular, social media. However, understanding that each network has its style (Facebook is much more casual than, say, LinkedIn) means adjusting your voice and tone to fit each one, without muddling your brand.

It’s a tall and complicated order to fill, which is why it’s best to coordinate with a digital strategy team to nail down your plan for those social networks that you plan to target. If you’re not sure where traffic is coming from in the first place, it’s time to embrace analytics. As people working in a science field, viewing data and drawing correlations based on that information is second nature to you. Websites offer that kind of concrete information as well — you just have to know how to tap into it.

Consider the Marketing Options Available to You

Creating a persona and working to build up your brand is much more than creating a sort of bare-bones idea of a prospect and shouting “notice me!” from the rooftops. In the online world, there are a lot of trends, and it may seem like a smart move to “go where the people are”, because chances are, the companies that you’re looking to target are there as well.

But trends come and go, and the last thing you want to do is invest a lot of time and effort into something that fizzles out as soon as you get some momentum going. No one has time to keep a finger on the pulse of chasing down every trend and fad and hashtag.

Instead, root yourself in those networks and marketing options that are tried and true: website optimization, social media networking, video marketing and more. These have been around a long time and are only growing more and more sophisticated. Those biotech companies that embrace and grow their methods using these tried-and-true channels will grow far more than their competitors that try to chase every shadow or every rising influencer out there.

Every good biotech company involved in B2B marketing looked at each of the marketing channels before them and decided if they had the people, the time and the funds to devote to growing and nurturing it. It’s a serious conversion you’ll want to have — but not one that you have to do alone.

Contact us at Workdom today and let’s work on creating a customized digital strategy for your B2B marketing efforts. We understand the biotech and life sciences world and want to help you take your product or service to the next level. Consult with our senior advertising professionals today to learn more.


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