Mobile App Development: What to Know Before You Hire a Mobile App Developer

The days of browsing on your smartphone for products are getting shorter and shorter. These days, mobile apps are being developed and shared almost as soon as they hit the market, giving shoppers a web-like shopping experience together with the comfort and convenience of using their smartphone.

With that in mind, if you’re considering getting your own mobile app developed but aren’t sure where to start, we at Workdom have prepared several tips to help give you direction, advice, and guidance when working with a mobile app developer.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Previous Examples

Some developers don’t build a mobile app from scratch, but rather work on specific parts of it. Without question, they should be able to show you examples of the apps they’ve developed on their phone or on the Google Play or Apple App Store. From here you’ll get an idea of what the developer has created and whether or not it matches your expectations for your own app.

At Workdom, we’ve created and collaborated on a wide range of mobile apps for all types of businesses, large and small. If you’re interested in custom mobile app development, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and let us know more about your app goals and how you envision it working and performing and we can help you realize your mobile app vision! We’d be delighted to show you our extensive portfolio of work.

Make Sure the Developer Has Worked with Companies of Your Size

Some mobile app developers specialize only in apps for small businesses, like restaurants or consultants, while others have more experience working with large companies and developing apps for individual brands that fall under their umbrella.

Take the time to understand if the app developer has worked with businesses of your size. On the one hand, you don’t want to pay a corporate price if you’re a small business that needs an app with fewer features, but on the other hand, if you’re a large enterprise, you don’t want an app that can’t handle a large, engaged audience and all of their concurrent connections as they use the app.

We’ve worked with both large and small companies, developing precisely tailored apps that are designed to meet their needs and budget. Our comprehensive app portfolio is available upon request and can help you better understand the extent of our capabilities and experience.

Don’t Forget to Ask About User Interface Design Experience

The design of the app is just as important as the functionality. A mobile app developer can create a fully functional app that does amazing things, but if there’s a disconnect between a beautifully functioning app that has a terrible user interface, you won’t have many users, and you will have a lot of complaints.

This not only costs you customers, but also the LTV of each of those customers, and can reflect poorly on your business’s reputation as a whole. Ensure that the mobile app developer you hire understands both form and function when it comes to the interface and the user experience.

At Workdom, we work in both mobile app development and design, so we understand the needs of both the app from a functional standpoint as well as the user experience and how people interact with the app. Our mobile app development experts bring the best of both worlds to produce a finely-tuned, intuitive app that blends convenience with engagement, delivering a fantastic user experience no matter what you’re selling.

How Will They Handle the User Onboarding Journey?

Another all-important question to ask your mobile app developer is how they anticipate handling the user onboarding journey. That’s because app design and development are not strictly contained in those two areas. Users also have to quickly familiarize themselves with how the app works and what is required of them in order to take the steps you want them to take.

For this reason, the user onboarding journey is just as important as any app feature itself. Make sure that any app developer you choose to work with has a concrete plan on how they anticipate the onboarding journey working and that they can demonstrate it to you in a way that’s easy to understand and follow — otherwise the chances of long-term user adoption and use of your app is slim.

Work with a Team that Has the Experience and Expertise to Help You Excel

If you’re looking to have a mobile app developed for your small business, enterprise or organization, look no further than the experts at Workdom. We can design a mobile app that blends in seamlessly with your website while becoming an engaging extension of it, helping you gain customers and users as well as authentic quality ratings on the Play Store or App Store. We develop for both Apple and Android systems, so reach out to our marketing and development professionals today and let’s work together to bring your app design to life!


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