New Year, New B2C Email Marketing Ideas

It’s a new year, and with that comes the excitement of revitalizing fresh new marketing ideas and initiatives with your target audience. While everyone else is hopping aboard the “new year, new you” train, your business will be reaching out to customers who are eager for change to keep on building up all that momentum you’ve been working on over the holiday season.

Don’t Give Up, Refocus!

E-commerce retailers in particular tend to see a sudden spike of activity right after the holidays and well into the new year — the precise time when you’d think the holiday rush would be over and people would be returning (grudgingly) to the workplace and the routine of life.

And while the transition from 2020 to 2021 was definitely different than in years past, that doesn’t mean you have to throw away all of those efforts you’ve been building upon over the season. Now’s the time that people are eagerly eyeing last minute deals and deep discounts on things that might not have sold over the holidays.

Not only that, but they’ll also be looking for ways to freshen up and refocus on whatever goals they have coming up. Although weight loss is always a popular one, even if you’re not in that niche, it’s worth realizing that this is also a time for renewal, which means renewed effort toward making sure your consumers have the highest quality products, impeccable service and much more.

Remind them of all the things your brand does to help them look, feel or work better, and reconnect with them in such a way that the start of the year doesn’t necessarily mark an entirely new beginning, but rather a rekindling of an already strong relationship.

Challenge the Mundane

As we mentioned, the “new year, new you” has been done to death. So what can you do to challenge that mundane, rehashed cliché and turn it on its head? Maybe your business isn’t about fresh, new and exciting, but instead the tried, true and proven? Make sure you’re able to highlight that in your messages.

Not every new year’s email has to be about what’s new, exciting and what’s next. Your brand voice should always be in charge of shaping your messages instead of banking on what your competitors are doing. What are some ways that you can buck the trend while still staying on brand?

What’s Your Resolution?

Resolutions are another one of those things that comes with the new year territory. And this is the time that many businesses not only thank their customers for a great year, but also let them know about the exciting things that’s about to come and that they should be looking forward to. As a socially-aware and involved business, this is also a great time to showcase what you’ve been working on behind the scenes. You can even delve into showing teasers as it always work to spark interest.

For example, you may be working on a new or updated product or service launch. You may have realized some things could be improved in the way you do business. You may have set some company goals of your own. Letting your customers know about these goals, as well as reinforcing your mission and philosophy, helps you stay true to your brand and your message while making sure that message resonates with your target audience.

Many businesses look at the new year as a reason to “reinvent” their brand, but if you’re happy with your voice and your approach, you don’t have to. What you can do is continue to remind customers and prospects that you’re the same company they’ve come to know, like and trust over the years, and you’ll continue to be so — building upon the credibility and authority that they’ve come to rely on you for.

So share those resolutions and give a human side to your business. It might seem like revealing a vulnerability, but it has amazing effects on the right audience. They’ll be right there along with you, championing your brand, the way that truly loyal customers do.

Need Help Getting Things Moving?

Of course, it’s one thing to share these new marketing ideas, but another thing entirely to implement them. You have to think long and hard about your brand, its perception with your target audience, how you plan to shift or introduce new products or services this year, and of course, how your goals align with all of that.

It can feel overwhelming to try and tackle it all, much less in a month. That’s why Workdom is here to help. Our senior advertising specialists have the knowledge, experience and expertise to help you hone and refine your marketing message so that it attracts the right kind of customers and helps build long lasting relationships with them. Reach out to us today for any help with your brand messaging, as well as other marketing initiatives like email marketing, social media and much more.


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