Keep These Points in Mind When Creating Your B2B Drip Campaign

When creating an email marketing drip campaign for B2B companies, the approach is somewhat different. Since you’re not convincing your customers to buy a product through a one-off email or two as in the B2C world, you’ll want to pay close attention to the methods you use to gradually provide content (or “drip”) to your business associates.

Here’s what to keep in mind:

Make it Easy and Intuitive for People to Use Your Service

If you’re involved in SaaS or similar products, you want to get businesses trying out and exploring your product as quickly as possible. At the same time, you don’t want to overwhelm them, but rather ease them into the onboarding process gently.

Look for ways to cut out superfluous steps and encourage B2B users to start using your product right away. One small step leads to another, and another, until they’re using your product and becoming more familiar and accustomed to it. It is then that you can continue to build upon the steps they’ve already taken with even more features that they can take advantage of.

It might sound like a time-intensive process, but it’s worth building a business relationship with your B2B customers this way, since you’ll be easing them into the process plus giving them hands-on time with your product in a way that takes off the pressure, but still gets them to take several small steps toward the action you want them to ultimately take. Investing in getting your prospects to be onboard with what you are offering will not only results to a possible conversion, but you are also providing a welcoming environment that will make your product more approachable and likeable.

Follow-Up with Educational Information

Oftentimes, businesses who market to the B2B crowd send out emails giving themselves a pat on the back for all of their new features, when those same businesses should be looking for ways to further educate consumers who have already expressed interest in their product.

It’s perfectly fine to explain new features, but frame those new features in terms of what they can do for the customer to help save them time, money, effort and more. Deeply educational materials, like white papers, comparison charts and more, are a lot more visually digestible when you demonstrate how that information can matter to the end user and make an impact in their work.

Don’t Forget the Upsell

This is the B2B equivalent of “would you like fries with that?” and it works amazingly well when done right. If you want users to take advantage of a more fully-featured option, look for ways to position your upsell as the obvious solution to help your user scale while saving money.

For example, if you have users on a monthly plan for your service, but you want them to upgrade to the next package, by all means, share the features with them, but then let them know that they can save $XX over the course of an entire year by switching their plan from monthly to yearly. Many users don’t even realize such an option exists, and it’s a great way to ensure that both parties win — the business saves money while getting access to a higher tier of features, and you continue to enjoy a loyal client at a higher price point.

Make The Support Icing on the Cake

Oftentimes, businesses want to take the next step that you’re promoting in your drip campaign, but they’re hesitant because they’re not sure where to turn if they have questions. Even if you have an extensive knowledge base, FAQ, or help desk support system, sometimes they just want to be able to reach a human in a timely manner.

Make sure they know as part of your drip campaign about the fantastic options, you have resources available to support them. Whether it’s the ability to reach your business by phone, live chat (which we’ve covered extensively in our previous blog post) or social media, knowing that they have access to an actual person who will listen and help them can be the final point that makes them commit to doing business with you. Try it and you’ll be surprised at how well it works!

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Here at Workdom, we understand that setting up a B2B email drip campaign can be confusing and you may feel overwhelmed. That’s where our on-demand marketing services can help! Leave it to us to help you strategize, plan, design, write, send and analyze your B2B email drip campaigns so that you know precisely how well it performed and how to tweak and refine it for optimization and continued or even better results.

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