Proven SaaS Social Media Marketing Strategies that Work

If you’re marketing a Software as a Service product, you might be inclined to approach it like any other traditional software marketing plan. But SaaS is a different kind of beast and your marketing strategies should change accordingly.

Fortunately, we’ve laid out exactly what you should do in order to get traction and adoption of your SaaS product – particularly through social media and paid advertising. Let’s take a closer look:

Offer a Free Trial

There’s nothing more enticing to users who are interested in learning more about your product than by offering a free trial. Announcing this on your paid ads, as well as in the strategies below will help more prospective customers get to know what your SaaS is all about, how it works, and how it can help them unlike your competitors. Be sure to collect their email address so that you can engage them via follow-up messages and encourage them to take the next step by becoming a regular user.

You’ve Got the Data – Now Put it to Use

One of the biggest things that separates SaaS from traditional software products is the sheer amount of data you’re collecting. As a SaaS, you’ve got all kinds of valuable information about your prospects and how they use (or plan to use) your product.

Don’t hesitate to survey your customers or others in the industry and put that information together in a freely shareable report. Then make sure it gets out on social media and related networks. Not only will it position your SaaS as a name to know when it comes to that particular need or feature, but it also positions your brand as a credible expert in that niche.

The more you create charts, infographics and other visually digestive details, the more shareable your statistics and findings become, and thus, the more they get shared and commented on.

Host a Live Q & A on Social Media

This is another great method to share your expertise. More and more, live videos are becoming popular on Facebook and similar social media platforms. This is the perfect time for businesses to step up and host a live Q & A. Not just with your existing customers or fans, but also in collaboration with others.

Spread the word across your networks, email lists, connections and generate enthusiasm for the event. Then, record the Q & A and share a link to the recording on your website and social media for those who may have missed the live event.

The more you do these, the more popular they can become, creating an opportunity for your company to answer pre-sales questions from users who may be interested, but have concerns that need to be addressed first.

Share How You Give Back to the World

Align your business with a mission or a cause that you deeply support or respect. Many companies do this for a variety of movements that people of all backgrounds can agree with — such as anti-bullying or environmental care.

Oftentimes, SaaS companies can spread the word about how they’re helping to create change, such as volunteering for a week or donating a portion of sales to an organization that champions their cause.

This not only presents a more human side to what is ordinarily viewed as a more robotic and technical enterprise, but also shows people that your startup is not just another nameless face in the crowd (as is what happens all too often with SaaS companies in ultra-competitive markets). Plus, you’ll be making concrete change toward a cause that many others support, and your efforts will not just be noticed but applauded.

Of course, it should go without saying that you do this purely for altruistic reasons and not to gloat about it on social media. You can turn this into a challenge for your followers as well by encouraging them to take action as well, such as donating or sharing your cause.

Stand Out and Get Noticed with Customized Strategies for Your Unique Needs

These strategies, although powerful enough in their own right to help your SaaS stand out on social media, are by no means the only ones out there that you should be doing.

In fact, because every SaaS company is different, it makes sense to connect with a marketing team that can get to know your unique angle, who you help most with your service, and how your software solves their biggest problems. Fortunately, that’s why Workdom is here!

Our on-demand marketing talents span the entire spectrum of strategies and services — from social media to paid advertising to organic SEO and much more. If your SaaS is struggling to get noticed from among the din of “me too” competitors out there, reach out to our senior advertising executives and let’s work together to formulate a plan and a customized strategy that leverages your best strengths and shares them with the world.

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