The First Thing to Do When You Hire a Company to Manage Your Social Media

So your social media presence has grown to the point where it’s impossible to keep it up at a solid and consistent level of interaction. You need help, and you need a trustworthy social media management company to handle it. Once you’ve narrowed down the field of contenders to one stellar business that you feel perfectly encapsulates your tone, brand and vision, it’s time to take this first and most important step:

Make Sure They Understand Your Brand

Remember that this company is going to be your presence on social media. That’s why the most important aspect of their work should be to encompass your brand — not just in a promotional or marketing aspect, but also when it comes to engaging with prospects. In other words, are they responding and reacting the way your brand would? Can they deftly handle situations where a certain style or tone is needed?

Beyond this, having several other complementary skills is crucial to making sure that your social media accounts are well-rounded and consistent. The last thing you want a social media management company to do is appear inauthentic or to flit from one style to another. That’s why it’s also important to consider the following:

Can They Manage Several Social Media Channels?

Facebook likely isn’t the only social media channel you’re part of. Can the company take the reins of multiple social media channels and recognize the differences between them while still maintaining your style, tone and brand cohesiveness?

The way you’d approach responding on Twitter is different than Facebook and both are different than Instagram. Does the company know this and can they handle these channels with the right kinds of tools and services to keep productivity and efficiency levels high while still generation positive reactions from friends, fans and followers?

Buffer and Sprout Social are two of the best apps for managing social media, so if your chosen  company is proficient in their use, so much the better. You want a company that’s organized, effective and motivated to interact with customers and followers in a way that reflects precisely how you would do it yourself (but perhaps a bit  more organized, since you want them to be able to manage multiple channels simultaneously!)

Are They Willing to Collaborate With You?

Oftentimes when hiring a social media company ,you’ll want to keep them involved with what’s happening within your company. This means understanding how to use teamwork tools like Trello and Slack to stay abreast of things like announcements, sales, changes and more.

This also helps resolve any issues where there may be questions about the best approach to take when responding. You want them to be able to manage your accounts successfully, but also know that they can come to you should they have questions or concerns.

Do They Have the Right Skills and Knowledge?

This can be a tough one, since it can seem challenging to measure the level of someone’s know-how and skills with regard to how well they apply them in social media. It’s a good idea to look for a company that values ROI and can demonstrate to you, without getting bogged down in analytical number-crunching, the kind of return on investment you’re getting from their social media efforts. Obviously the data matters, but don’t forget the social in social media!

In addition, you want to work with people who are great storytellers. Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or any other social network, people are hard-wired for storytelling. A good writer and social media manager understands how to weave stories with words, video and images and create a captivating tale that encourages users to convert.

Bonus points if the company has its own social media presence and regularly shares content and information consistent with their own approach and branding. You can learn a lot about how successful a company’s social media efforts will be with your brand by looking at how they treat their own.

Always Be Learning

Finally, although this isn’t necessarily an inherent skill, working with a social media management company that’s keen on learning, improving and growing says a lot about how you can expect to view your social media accounts in the coming months or even years.

The truth is that Facebook and other social networks look nothing like their original incarnations and much has changed over the years. Is the company you want to work with well-versed in these changes, and can they think of new and inventive strategies to try that are truly outside-the-box?

Ready to Take the Next Step Toward Working with a Social Media Manager?

Hiring a company to manage your social media is a big step. It signifies that you’ve finally “made it”and now you’re ready to enlist a little (or a lot!) of help. By asking these questions and getting to know the company and the people behind it, you’ll be better positioned to make a decision with confidence!

And if you’re not sure where to start, why not send a message to Workdom? We offer on-demand marketing services including social media management to help with the heavy lifting of maintaining one or more social media accounts, so you can relax and know that the job is done right – on-tone, on-brand, and on-point.


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