What Makes Landing Pages Effective? These Tips Work for Every Industry

Landing pages are the core of a business’ conversion optimization and a key part of any sales funnel. With that in mind, many people understandably want to know what makes some landing pages convert like crazy, while others fall flat. The good news is that what makes “effective landing pages” is pretty much the same for every industry. Let’s take a closer look:

Less is More When it Comes to Design

Oftentimes, people believe they need to put everything on their landing pages, including the kitchen sink. But with your landing pages, the main goal should be to get the user to take one, single action, rather than push their attention in a thousand different directions.

By throwing lots of links, a long form or other time-consuming and distracting items on your landing pages, you’re just increasing the chances that the user will click off of the page and do the opposite of what you intended.

Instead, cut out anything that isn’t completely relevant to the end goal of the landing page. Even if it’s your navigation, or your logo. Of course you want to continue the branding and you don’t want to jolt the user out of their comfort space, but at the same time, you want to keep the user’s focus solidly grounded on your offer, and why it matters — which leads us to the next point.

Make Your Offer Clear and Compelling Immediately

No one wants to read a landing page that’s pages and pages of content. Make sure your offer is clear, persuasive and actionable. You can (and should) even test out different offers for different audience segments, as this will give you valuable data insights in terms of what converts best with which audience or group. You may learn some interesting insights that you never considered before!

In addition, when creating your offer, let the user know what happens after they sign up or take the action you want them to take. When should they expect the result? How will you use their email or personal information? What’s the next step? Not only does this help your prospect with more information, but it increases customer rapport as well.

Back Up Your Statements with Social Proof

Just having a compelling offer and a minimalist design is not enough. These days, people want proof — preferably verifiable proof like testimonials, social media reviews, ratings and more. Adding these in lends credibility to your offer and also helps to establish you as an authority in your niche.

With so many schemes and scams online, people want a brand that they can believe in that will help them do what only your offer and brand uniquely can. Reinforcing your offer with testimonials like this is like the icing on the offer cake — it’s what ultimately pushes the users to take action, knowing that they’ll see the results you’ve promised, because so many others have.

Ensure There’s Continuity Between Your Ads and Landing Pages

This is perhaps the biggest mistake in creating effective landing pages — a disconnect between the content of the ad and the content of the landing page. When people click an ad, they expect to see or learn something new or whatever is promised by the ad itself. If the landing page doesn’t live up to that promise or idea, not only will people leave the page, but it will sour their experience with the brand as well.

To fix this, make sure that your ad and your landing page are congruent, in terms of the design as well as the content. If the ad promises something, the landing pages need to be able to reveal it — otherwise users will feel as if they are being strung along and it will lead to a less than stellar brand and customer experience.

Need Help with Your Landing Pages?

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