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How To Set Up Google Analytics

Why should I set up Google Analytics? 

With Google Analytics, you are able to find out who is coming to your site, how often they are visiting, and what they do when they get there. You’ll get insights into how long users stay on the site, their geographic locations, where they start and end their journey on your site and which advertising channel is producing the best form of traffic.

You will need:

  • A Google login/Gmail account

Watch the video below to see how to set it up.


How to add tracking codes to different CMS sites:

  1. GoDaddy Website Builder will accept this code by navigating to where you would update your website, beneath “Website + Marketing” or in “Manage Products”. From there, you will click “Edit Site” and click “Settings” on the right hand column. There is a tab that says “Google Analytics”, after clicking there, you will add your code that starts with UA-. Then save.

  2. WordPress will accept this code by navigating to the backend of your website and logging in. On the left-hand column, choose “Appearances” then “Edit Source Code”. Then, go to your “head.php” or “header.php” source folder on the right side, hyperlinked in blue. Add the entirety of the Global Site tag to the very top of this file, press “enter” and a few times and click save.

  3. Shopify has a space available for you where you simply add your Google Analytics ID number starting with UA. Once you’ve logged into Shopify, go to your “Online Store”, then choose “Preferences”. Scroll and you will find the Google Analytics section; add your code in there and click the “Use Enhanced Ecommerce” checkbox, then save.

  4. Hubspot has a tracking integration section where you will add your Google Analytics ID number starting with UA. After you have logged into your Hubspot account, click the settings icon. In the left sidebar column, click “Website”, then “Pages”. Choose your domain. Click the “integrations” tab and checkmark the box next to “Integrate with Google Analytics”. Then, you will enter your tracking ID. Click “save”.


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