What are Message Alignment and Brand Presence?

And Why Are They Important for Your Business?

With more ways than ever to engage with your target audience, it seems like it would be easy to keep your messaging on point and your brand presence front-of-mind with your customers, right?

Well, with more ways than ever to communicate, and more competition than ever, both message alignment and brand presence can be muddied and disjointed over time, which can, in turn, have major repercussions for your brand. Here’s why they matter, and how to make sure they’re in perfect alignment no matter what channels you choose to promote on.

Living Your Brand Values with Consistency and Relevancy

Many companies claim to be “living their brand values” each and every day, but oftentimes they’re doing anything but. For example, a company that prides itself on fast, thorough customer service, yet takes days to answer customers and brushes off their concerns is an extreme but very real depiction of this, and sadly it’s not just customer service that’s affected.

This is why it’s so important to craft a deep, meaningful USP (Universal Selling Proposition) — something that is hard for others to duplicate but an easy niche for your company to capitalize on and thrive. Other fast food companies may claim great delivery, but Domino’s owns “30 minutes or it’s free” even though it has been decades since they used that USP.

In order to properly “live” your brand values as a company, they must be woven into the fabric of your brand in such a way that it’s hard to dislodge the brand from the value. Just as it’s hard to dislodge Dominos from being the king of fast pizza delivery, your USP should be so integrated into what you do, that it ripples out to affect every promotional channel you use.

The reason why this is so important is that when you do this, it becomes almost second nature to live your business culture in a way that reinforces your brand. And that makes your presence and messaging even more easy to align across all your marketing touch-points.

Analyze Your Funnel Messaging as Part of the Buyer’s Journey

Now that you better understand the importance of maintaining consistency across all of your brand channels, the next step is to do a deep dive into your funnel messaging.

Contrary to popular belief, buyers usually don’t flock to your site specifically to buy. Rather, it depends on which stage of the buyer’s journey they’re in, namely:

  1. Awareness – They’ve just learned that your brand exists
  2. Consideration – They’re deciding between your brand and a competitor, or looking for more reasons why they should buy from you (as opposed to a competitor or simply not buying at all)
  3. Decision – They’re looking to decide or have made a decision and want to be sure it’s the right one.

How well does your messaging align with these different stages? Take the time to do a deep dive, building up a style and tone guide as you go along. As new social and media channels open up, you can refer to this guide often to make sure that your messaging is always in line with your brand, voice, and style.

And remember, there is no “one size fits all” approach for your messages at different stages in the funnel. For example, if your coffee shop offers the best-tasting coffee from around the world, your message for awareness might be something like “don’t just drink coffee, change lives”, while your message for consideration might be actually showing the lives that can be improved by buying coffee from different countries versus your local big brand coffee house.

Keep Your USP in Sight As You Adjust and Refine Your Message

It’s likely that no brand will hit it out of the park on the first try. Rather, if you find that your brand messaging and alignment have drifted off course, take steps to refine it and get it back to where it should be, rather than taking up the time and expense of a complete branding overhaul.

It’s also important to remember that your different buyer personas are going to value different things, but that all of those things form a multi-pronged solution that only your brand is capable of delivering. Don’t hesitate to flesh out these values by using language that your target audience would use, in order to better make sure that your brand resonates well with them on the level where they are (versus where you want them to be).

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help When You Need It!

And last but not least, it’s one thing to veer off course or muddy your messaging, and another thing to simply ignore it because you just don’t have time. Fortunately, Workdom is here to give you on-demand help with branding and messaging alignment when and where you need it!

Whether you’re overwhelmed with the ins and outs of social media or you’re trying to clarify what your brand really stands for, and why customers should seek you out, our diligent and dedicated branding team has the marketing experience and know-how to help you shape your vision into something that customers are drawn to and want more of.

Reach out to our senior marketing professionals today to learn more about how we can help you!


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