What Is MarTech Optimization and How Can It Help You to Grow Your Business?

In the world of marketing technology, it seems like there’s no end to the tools, services, software, and platforms that all somehow play a crucial role in your business. Maybe you’re one of the many businesses that even have several platforms that tend to overlap, especially when it comes to things like search engine optimization and social media marketing. 

The downside to having everything at your fingertips and a tool for every conceivable need is that because they overlap, it can get cluttered quickly. Oftentimes in our MarTech optimization audits, we find companies use several platforms to accomplish the tasks that could be done by just a few. Or they use platforms that don’t really serve their needs, but because “it has always been done this way” they tend to stay with what’s familiar and comfortable at the expense of business growth. 

There are even those companies who know they need a solid MarTech stack but aren’t sure where to begin or what features are most important. 

Stop. Take a deep breath. Relax. Workdom has you covered. 

By implementing a proper MarTech optimization strategy, not only will your business be in a better position to scale, but you’ll be able to use the right tools for the right job without getting bogged down in the clutters of thousands upon thousands of marketing technology tools out there. 

What Will a MarTech Optimization Strategy Actually Do for My Business?

You may be wondering how proper MarTech optimization can pay off. The answer to that is “in several ways”. First and foremost, it helps you improve your overall marketing efficiency. You’re able to get more done, seamlessly. Properly optimizing your MarTech stack will show you where your biggest sales are coming from, what’s driving them, and how you can squeeze even more ROI out of it. 

In short, you’ll be able to put the right people and the right investment behind the efforts that are making you the most money, making MarTech Optimization a smart move that could lead to significant growth for your business. 

Putting the Tech Back in MarTech

The next question that naturally follows when it comes to MarTech Optimization is what kind of technology will be optimized. In order for marketers to optimize their marketing, the right technology has to be in place to allow for things like: 

  • Being easy enough to use so that the whole team can get on board and get behind the technology

  • Integration with existing technology so that all of the moving parts work together seamlessly as a whole

  • Provide clear and noticeable benefits to the customer experience 

  • Allow for full-spectrum reporting and analysis of information to show where improvements can be made

  • Customize the process for specific needs

  • Automate certain processes to help achieve a greater ROI

  • And much more

That’s a tall order for any single technology to fill, which is why a MarTech stack is never truly, fully optimized. 

MarTech Optimization is Not a Once-and-Done Strategy

Even though you can transform your MarTech stack into a well-oiled machine, it’s not the kind of process where you can feel content to rest on your laurels once everything is done. Just like any good marketing strategy, once the heavy lifting is done, all that’s left is to optimize and refine. New marketing tools and platforms are being developed, bought, sold, and merged all the time, and it’s entirely possible that the tool you love today might disappear tomorrow. That’s why it’s so important to have MarTech Optimization done consistently over time so that you stay on top of your marketing tasks before they end up on top of you! 

Whether you need help creating a solid strategy or you need a hand with refining your stack and making sure you’re using the technology that really matters to your bottom line, Workdom can help. Our experienced advertising professionals know how to help you reach your marketing strategies while leveraging the best tools and platforms for the job. Consult with us today and let us know more about the stack you’re currently using, and we’ll help you formulate a concrete plan to optimize every stage of your marketing with the best tools for the job and the best software investments to help you get more done. 

If it has been awhile since you optimized your MarTech stack, not to worry! We can work with what you have as well as help you better understand what’s available, so that you can put your full marketing efforts behind designing and launching campaigns that work, with the right tools to help you follow-up, measure and analyze them all.


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