What Your Email Marketing Recipients Really Want

When it comes to sending emails, you want to be sure to engage your subscribers — that’s a given. But one of the most important things that many email marketers often forget is to consider what their subscribers actually want out of the emails that they receive. Of course, you have business goals to consider, but it also pays to see your emails through your customers’ and subscribers’ eyes:  what do they really want?

Of course, there are entire businesses built around asking your users these very questions — most of them revolving around surveys, polls and forms. But users aren’t really keen to give much in the way of feedback unless there’s a really compelling reason. So how can you find out what they really want?  Consider the following points:

Let Your Users Opt Out of Certain Emails

Have you ever subscribed for blog updates, but then also gotten newsletters, coupons and everything else under the sun when you really just wanted blog updates? LEt your users opt out of emails that they don’t want. It’s easy enough to create a page where they can manage their preferences.

Let them choose if they only want deals, only want updates when a new post is published or whatever other notification they might be interested in. When they’re in control, they’re more likely to stick around. Plus their needs may change from time to time: they may want notifications most of the year, but coupons over the holidays. Check in with them from time to time to see if they’d like to update their preferences, particularly if you’re planning a big sale or making a major change.

Stop That donotreply@example.com Stuff

This is perhaps the most aggravating thing that your email subscribers won’t tell you, but it drives us all insane. We understand that you have a process for handling support, but some people simply try to reply to an email to get help, and then their message goes right into the aether and they never realize that they’ve done something wrong. They simply think that the company doesn’t want to help them, however untrue that may be.

Ideally you’ll want to have something like support@example.com or help@example.com which filters into your CRM or ticket system to allow people to actually read and help users get the assistance they need. Seeing things like “donotreply” might as well read “we don’t care about your problems”.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Contrast in Your Emails

Since people often scan their emails rather than read them word by word, if there’s an action you really want your users to take (like, click here if you still want to receive our emails), be sure to somehow separate it from the rest of your message by changing the background color, the text color or otherwise highlighting it. Otherwise it’s likely to be lost as they scan the first few lines and decide whether to keep reading or move on to the next message.

Make Your Subject Lines Clear and Specific

You probably get lots of emails every day, and most of them are something vague like “Have you tried this new marketing idea?” or “Quick question…”. Of course, they might pique your curiosity, but you probably have hundreds more messages to go through, and you’re not sure if these messages warrant a longer response or a cursory glance.

Your readers and subscribers feel this way too, so make sure that your email subject lines are clear, specific and most importantly, actionable. Instead of “Have you tried this new marketing idea?”you could write “This new marketing service unifies all your social media accounts while protecting your privacy” Or, “Quick question about the accessories that come with the ACME Rocket 5000”.

As you can see, these are very specific and will tell you at a glance whether or not the emails are going to take more time for you to answer or if they warrant a response right then and there.

Prune that List from Time to Time

Not everyone is going to open your emails, let alone click on a link within them. Some subscribers are not going to take any action at all after they subscribe, no matter how good your deals are or how relevant your news is. It’s not always your fault. If that’s happening, it’s worth pruning your list from time to time.

Let users know that if they want to continue hearing from you, to take a certain action. Send out a reminder a few days later. There are going to be some who do nothing. Just like with growing a plant, it’s worth pruning the “dead ends”.

Now’s The Time to Engage Your Subscribers on a Whole New Level

Of course, simply telling you all of these things that subscribers really want doesn’t mean that they can be done in the span of an hour. It takes time to build your list, and it takes effort to maintain it. Sadly, there are only so many hours in a day. Fortunately though, that’s why Workdom is here. Our on demand marketing services can help you get better results from your mailing lists, or help you build a list that’s engaged, interested and ready to act.

Plus, because our services are available as you need them, you can take advantage of our expertise and experience for as little or as long as you need us. We think that once you see just how much more improved your mailing list and subscriber retention rates are (among other metrics!), you’ll want to keep us on hand for all your future marketing initiatives, but for now, it’s worth reaching out and having a chat about where your mailing list is currently and how it can be improved. Send us a message today and let’s talk more!


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