Which Marketing Strategies are Best for Revenue Generation?

In the marketing world, it’s all too easy to get distracted by the latest and greatest technology, let alone new strategies that create and excite demand. But when you’re focused on revenue generation, some marketing strategies deliver better results than others.

If revenues are your goal, concentrate on these three crucial marketing strategies to get the dollars and the data flowing.

Content Marketing

Content doesn’t just have to mean the written word. All types of content should be created and used, and those that perform well republished from time to time. Blog posts, social media posts, videos, podcasts, infographics—all of it counts as content and all of it can be used to augment your revenue generation.

Also, keep in mind that you can repurpose your existing content into new formats to reach new audiences. For instance, transform that podcast information into an infographic or make that blog post into a video. Not everyone consumes content in the same way, so repurposing your content for different segments of your audience can be a great way to motivate them.

Remember to meet your audience where they are–they may not have time to read that whole blog article, but they can get the gist of an infographic quickly, or a video may be able to give them deeper insights than they could get from that infographic.

Performance Marketing

In order for performance marketing to be successful, you have to have a keen eye for optimization and be willing to squeeze every drop of performance (hence the name) from your campaigns.

You want an irresistible offer, but you also want a powerful landing page to back that up. You need concrete, timely monitoring to ensure everything is as optimized as possible, and then to choose your traffic sources wisely.

Above all, make sure to maintain compliance, as it’s easy to get so focused on the performance that you start cutting corners, and that can end up leaving lasting effects that campaigns don’t easily recover from.

Campaign Marketing

Campaign marketing can be a mixed bag since there are so many different approaches you can take in your campaign. Do you partner with an industry influencer to promote your product or service? Do you focus on social media comments to boost social proof? Do you drum up interest and fill your funnel full of leads by hosting an event? The possibilities are virtually endless.

No matter what, your revenue generation efforts should all be cohesive and tied to the overall goal (revenue). Building branding, getting leads and all of those other crucial tasks are important but don’t forget that if revenue generation is your goal, then these key strategies should be your drivers.

Make Your Product or Service Irresistible

We’ve talked a lot about marketing strategies for revenue generation, but all of the marketing in the world won’t help a weak product. If you’re involved in B2B, you already know that competition is always ready to pounce on your flaws, and that you have to always stay one step ahead of them.

But more than that, you need to be constantly evolving. Even if you had no competition at all, your clients’ needs will change over time. A product or service that was best-in-class a few years ago, if left unchanged, will be relegated to the digital dustbin. As you consistently improve your product, don’t be afraid to test and keep your clients in the loop. They are, after all, your most valuable source of ideas on how to improve things and make their own jobs easier.

Together with an irresistible product and a powerful marketing campaign using any or all of these strategies, you’ll be able to fast-track your revenue generation while building your brand, connecting with your audience, and showing that what you have to offer truly is the pinnacle of innovation and worth being excited about!

As such, you need a marketing company that has revenue generation tactics at its core. Count on Workdom to help you develop a customized plan of action to boost your revenue generation efforts! Contact us today to learn more!

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