Why is Optimization So Important?

So you’ve built your website, laid out your content plan, and now you believe that all that’s left is to market it?

Not quite. There’s still the question of optimization. But what exactly can you optimize in your business in order to grow and scale, and why should you invest in this vital part of your business? Here at Workdom, optimization is woven into everything we do, so we’ve seen the benefits of it first hand. Here are just a few of the many things you can optimize — beyond your website in order to keep your business thriving.

What Exactly is Business Optimization?

Business optimization refers to looking at the processes and procedures of a business and making them work better. This could be improving productivity, overall optimization, technology, and more. The most important part is that optimization is not a “once and done” task, but rather a continuous process.

The end goal of every optimization should be continuous improvement. With that being said, here are the areas you should focus on beyond just optimizing your website.

Sales Enablement Optimization

Sales enablement involves producing a variety of content that is designed to help your sales team sell more efficiently and thoroughly. Oftentimes customers and prospects have questions, and rather than tie down your sales team searching for the answers, sales enablement optimization can provide them (and users) with a wide range of content that can help.

Examples may include a knowledge base that includes the most commonly encountered troubleshooting issues or how-tos, video walkthroughs or tutorials, PDF comparison guides, and much more.

Creating this content, just like any other type of marketing initiative, takes time and requires a consistent strategy. It’s a good idea to map out your plans and where you feel your customer service is lacking in order to create content that bridges that gap.

Martech Optimization

Martech or marketing technology is another area where you can see direct results in the overall improvement of your conversion rate across the board. Martech optimization involves taking a look at your existing marketing technology stack and looking for areas where the technology overlaps or outright conflicts or causes friction across different touchpoints.

By optimizing your martech stack, you’ll be able to get more done more efficiently and simplify your marketing while still getting excellent (if not better) results. Martech optimization doesn’t involve reinventing the wheel, but rather looking for areas of improvement across the technology you’re currently using, so that you can continue to work more productively.

Content Optimization

Content optimization is often overlooked but can have the most dramatic effect on your ROI. Many businesses lump content optimization into SEO, but the two aren’t exactly the same. While SEO focuses on optimizing your content for the search engine, pure content optimization means making sure that your content is the most thorough, the most up-to-date, and other factors that search engines (but also your visitors) also look at.

Optimizing content keeps people coming back to your page and updating it consistently keeps search engines coming back regularly as well.

Start Optimizing Your Business Processes Now!

Optimizing isn’t something that should be put off until after you’ve launched your marketing campaigns. It should be an underlying current that’s constantly running through your business. By creating a culture of consistent improvement, you’ll start seeing benefits right away — people staying longer on your website, converting better via phone or help desk support, and much more.

At Workdom, our specialty is helping to take your existing processes and make them even better. Contact us today and we’ll work with you to understand where you’re currently struggling and the current challenges you’re dealing with, as well as what improvements can make the biggest impacts the quickest. By racking up lots of quick wins, we can then focus our attention on longer-term projects that may take more time to change (but are still worth it).

Business optimization isn’t a process that can be done overnight, but rather slow and steady wins the race. In this case, by continuing to make noticeable improvements across the board in all of your business activities, you’ll start reaping the benefits in a sort of ripple-effect that makes an impression on the way you do business, on your staff, on your support and most importantly, on your customers.

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