What is an Email Nurturing Campaign and Why Should You Have One?

Even if you’ve been involved in email marketing for a while and think you know what an email nurturing campaign is, today’s blog will let you in on even more insights about this unique angle to traditional email promotions.

Many people think that email nurturing and drip campaigns are the same but there are some key differences. Nurturing campaigns can be drip campaigns (and vice versa), but unlike drip campaigns, where the focus is on the timing of the email, nurturing campaigns are focused on the emotional response from the email.

Good email campaigns have both types — drip campaigns to keep subscribers interested and engaged, and nurturing campaigns to keep them emotionally invested and to heighten their curiosity or interest. Now you may be wondering whether you need just one or both types of email campaigns on what stage you’re currently at in your business. You need to determine certain metrics to help you figure this out.

When Do You Need an Email Nurturing Campaign?

If you’re seeing a large number of unsubscribes or bounced emails, or if you’re not getting the responses you’d hoped for when you launch a campaign, it may be time for some nurturing. The best way to do this is to understand where your users are on their “Customer Journey”– that is, the stage they’re at in your sales funnel.

For example, are they in the information-gathering stage, where they’re aware there’s a problem or issue and they’re learning their options? Or are they more in the comparison shopping stage, where they’re aware of a variety of choices and are narrowing down their decision?

If you have an email list, you likely have many different customers and prospects at a variety of stages, which is why it’s a good idea to segment your list. This way, you can tailor your drip campaigns, nurturing campaigns and direct offers to customers and prospects knowing precisely where they are in terms of their journey with your company.

And the best way to find that information out? Ask them! Create a simple survey with a little discount for participating. You’ll be surprised at how many people will answer. Otherwise, the information that you’re looking for can be gleaned from the offers that you do send. What links is the customer clicking on? Are they looking for comparisons or buyer’s guides? Here again, a nurturing campaign can help tip the scales in your favor.

How Do You Know Your Email Nurturing Campaign is Working?

In addition to the email analytics that tell you so — how many opens, clicks and so on you received, you’ll also note that when you do send out direct offers to your nurtured customers, more of them take the action you want them to take, because you’ve built up that relationship over time.

You’ve shown them that you have credibility, authority, a quality product and you want them to enjoy it. When you use a nurturing campaign to build up all of that, then sales and profits are what will naturally follow. That’s how you know it’s working.

I’ve Sent Out the Nurturing Campaign — Now What?

Sending out the nurturing campaign often feels like the biggest step. You’ve poured every ounce of emotional connection into it. But that’s just the beginning. There are many other email marketing tactics you’ll want to employ to improve that nurturing campaign even more — things like split testing and further segmentation to name a few.

But these things come over time and as you begin to become more familiar with email marketing overall. Start with a nurturing campaign and weave it into your email marketing so that it feels natural. As with many things, the more you do it, the better you’ll get at letting your authentic brand voice and tone flow through.

Need Help with Your Nurturing Campaign?

Of course, we also understand that you want to make a great impression on your subscribers and do everything you can to encourage them to take the next steps with confidence. That’s why Workdom is here to help craft your nurturing campaign so that it perfectly captures your voice, tone, and all of the small but meaningful things about your brand.

Let our senior marketing, advertising executives and email marketing experts work with you to launch a nurturing campaign that helps bring you closer to your customers that showcases your product or service as the best possible choice for their needs. Contact us today to learn more and to get started!


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