Will Outbound Marketing Still Work in a Post-COVID World?

There’s no doubt that as a result of the coronavirus, the world we live in has changed. And while restrictions are being lifted in some places more slowly than others, the question on marketers’ minds is — will outbound marketing still work even if there are fewer people actually, well, out?  

The Truth About Outbound Marketing

The fact is that since the rise of inbound, personalized and targeted marketing online, outbound marketing prospects have been getting smaller and smaller. And why wouldn’t they? With inbound marketing, you have more targeted, precise, and accurate results that can be tailored to your exact audience. With outbound marketing, you’re making an announcement and hoping that someone hears you.

With more people staying indoors, there are far fewer ears to pick up on your message (much less care about it). So if you’re still hoping that outbound marketing will resonate with people in a more cautious post COVID world — the answer is, “not likely”.

Here’s What to Do Instead

If you haven’t been concentrating much on inbound marketing, or you feel hopelessly lost when you think about it, now’s the time to change that mindset. The fact is that inbound marketing, just like outbound marketing, is full of multitude subcategories and specific areas of focus. You’re not just looking to attract people to your site, but get them engaged, involved and actively participating in it. You’re compelling them to take an action that you want them to take.

For the last few months, COVID has changed how we live, work, play and market. Now, more than ever, people are staying inside, staying cautious and hopefully social distancing. As such, they’re also online far longer than before. Telework, online classes and more have cropped up to help meet the needs of people who are starting to adapt to the “new normal.”

This means that in a post COVID world, there’s no better time to launch your inbound marketing initiatives. But at the same time, people aren’t buying as much as they used to. That means you have to make your messaging more precise, direct and helpful — in ways you may not have thought of before.

You’re Not Alone!

Although this is new territory for all of us, you are by no means alone in this. At Workdom, we have years of experience handling all types of inbound marketing. From social media ads, to search engine optimization and everything in between, we work hard to make sure your business isn’t just seen, but that people are interested and actively engaged with your ads.

We can help with:

  • Demand generation
  • Website optimization
  • Content generation and distribution
  • Remarketing
  • Message alignment and presence
  • Brand reputation and much more!

We’d love to discuss your business goals with you in more detail. Make sure to reach out to us here at Workdom today to speak with one of our senior marketing experts and let’s work together to craft a marketing strategy that helps you grow and thrive in an ever-changing world.


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