Revenue Generating Marketing Focused On Helping Your Target Clients

From planning, launching and managing product launches and campaigns, marketing and sales executives have a lot of balls in the air. And don’t forget marketing and optimizing the company’s website. And training the sales team and keeping your CRM updated. Or the budgets, and how far it has to stretch for this quarter. And that other thing you should have done yesterday.

Workdom is a team of remote marketing and sales strategists, copywriters and designers that plan and execute tactics that help increase revenue. 

Our approach is simple. We create and strategically deploy helpful content to educate your prospects on the problem they are facing and how your solution can help them overcome their challenges at work.

By tying marketing activities to revenue, we are able to better align with your sales and business development teams and ensure that our activities supports their sales goals.

Carefully curated content relevant to your industry vertical is created to help move your target customer along their journey. Skip the torrential downpour of online search results, and only communicate to your prospect what they need to know to make a purchase decision.

We use a chat-based “do-it-for-you” workflow to streamline communication to help get work done more efficiently. Tailor-made for founders and senior executives with way too much to do, with knowledge specific to your business and industry. Convenient, personalized, and ready to help your company grow. We focus on the unknown, so you can focus on what you do best.

From biotechnology to natural language processing to blockchain and web3, our team is able to scale up on your technology and solution with minimal onboarding from you. Doesn’t matter if your sales approach is D2C or B2B, we don’t lose sight that we are marketing to humans and that your company is looking to increase revenue quarter over quarter, while reducing customer acquisition costs.

Work is completed by one of our expert teams, project managed internally. We do it for you.

Free live chat and project management is serviced during the business week by our strategists, plus the aid of automation from our favorite marketing tech stack tools – marketing experts, enabled by technology.

Monthly meetings with your marketing strategist to determine your ongoing needs. Easy to scale working arrangements which are able to grow as you grow.

Picture a day when your marketing and sales enablement tasks are already executed, your projects are expertly managed, and you just finished a call with your marketing strategist that brought you newfound clarity.

It’s all possible with Workdom.